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Drawings for an extension and council fees

Hi there! I am planning to have an extension at the back of my house. It will be 5mx3m so 15 square meters. I had lots of quotes for the drawings that are really different in price. So I would like to know what is a common price for this type of drawings? Considering that this extension will fall into TEMPORARY PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT what would the council fee be?
thank you, fabiana
P.s. I forgot to say I live in i am interested on the fees to be paid to sheffield city council

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Dear Fabiana,

We are Qualified Architects and we DO NOT charge £2,000 plus for something like that. Our base fee for a 'Permitted Development Package' would be £349 incl. which gives you a 3D Design Concept. It is possible to avoid this and skips straight to Building Regulations Packages if you already know exactly what you want. The Building Regulations Packages for this would be around £649 incl. We are not currently aware of any Planning Authorities that would be Charging for 'Permitted Development'. We have never heard the term 'Temporary' Permitted Development before you might want to check this is exactly what you mean. We would always advise against using UNQUALIFIED 'Plan Drawers' for any project as many Architect Practices are just the same price anyway and are more qualified with greater more valuable experience when it comes to dealings on site, why take the risk.......?

We hope this help and wish you all the best.

Kindest Regards, from all of us at Acres Architecture LTD.


Answered 7th May 2015

HI fabiana
If you're using an architect, fees can be up to £2000, or possibly more. This would be plans for Building Regulations approval. Using an independent Plan Drawing Service, the fees tend to be a lot less. I'm not familiar with 'temporary' permitted development. Usually all Council fees are published on your local council website.


Answered 1st May 2015

Council fees should be free for this as its just a notice you send to confirm your intentions, it was designed to get the building trade on its feet and to bypass the planners of local authorities that are not only under pressure since the cutbacks but who are notoriously slow at whatever they do. Hope this helps


Answered 1st May 2015

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