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Is this quote reasonable for a partial re-wire on a 1st floor 2 bed flat?

I'm having some work done and at the same time I wanted to make sure my electrics were up to scratch and replace/move some dodgy or badly placed switches/outlets and add a few too. Nothing major I thought. I was expecting it might be a grand or so but:

Replace existing fuse box with new RCBO board in existing position

Dining area, 1 double socket, 1 pendant light on existing switch

Bedroom, 1 double socket, level light switch

Hallway, re position heating clock, and re position existing light switches due to walls being removed

Lounge, 3 double sockets

Kitchen, 2 new double sockets, re-position 2 existing sockets & cooker control, wiring only for cooker hood washer and fridge - freezer (no installation of the three appliances)

Re-connect water and gas bonding as required

Master bedroom, 2 way pull switch on existing light, replace double socket front in glass mirror if possible

All new switches and sockets required to be square edged

Builder to do all plaster work

If it is necessary to remove any kitchen tiles, their replacement is down to the the householder

Sub Total £2594.00
+ VAT £518.80
Total £3112.80

Is this a reasonable quote? Am I insane to think that this is a bit expensive?

Any hints/tips and opinions gratefully received.

4 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

Hard to offer a price like for like but based on what you've listed, I would say this should be more around £2000 all in. not £3k. Does seem a bit high to me. Will depend on the type of property of course. Get an alternative price.


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

hi tracy_j

yes this does seem quite high, I would say your are looking at around £1500. Ask him to breakdown his quote down for you per item cost, so you can see whats costing what and then you can go from there. Remember You should always get three quotations before you choose your tradesman.



Answered 23rd Apr 2015

You are only allowed 1 x spur, so to undertake this work is in effect nearly a complete rewire, prices seem reasonable to me, by going for the cheapest quote may leave you with no service and no cash, so you have paid for nothing, the general rule of contract is if you want good product and/or service then you pay the price at least if you payed a little more your a little down on cash but have a job well done


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

Sounds a bit pricey but hard to say without seeing it get more quotes if you are worried.


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

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