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Peeling paint in bathroom - paint or wallpaper?

Anonymous user 19 April 2015 - 1.45 PM

The paint in our bathroom started peeling off in places, although the bathroom is well ventilated (window & fan). Replies to previous similar Qs suggest the job hasn't been done properly rather than damp causing the problem. We were originally going to scrape off only the peeling paint and leave it where it seems to adhere and is difficult to remove. however, three layers of paint are coming off exposing bare plasterboard, so if repainted, the surface would be uneven. Would it be better to use the expanded vinyl wallpaper ? If we do decide to repaint, how do we remove the sticking bits? Do we have to seal the exposed plasterboard before doing anything?

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NTH Decorating
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Hi, I would recommend scraping all the peeling paint back to a tight edge. Applying a very thin coat of matt emulsion at least thinned 20% onto the bare plasterboard. Let it dry and fill out the edge with filler, to even out the surface. I would then use 2 coats of acrylic eggshell paint as a finish, as this is a moisture resistant paint. Ideal for bathrooms. That should be problem solved :)


21 April 2015