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Installing central heating with no gas supply to house

I am looking to buy a house that has no central heating,only electric and am needing to know how much it will cost to get everything installed.
The house has no gas supply but there is a supply to the street.
It would be going into a 3 bedroom house and will need approx 8 radiators.

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it depends from many factors.
Combi or system boiler? £600 or £1200 Boiler? exposed pipe or hidden? Floorboard or Cement, radiators or underfloor heating?
I'm not try to be fussy, but there are a lot of condition which could affect the price.
For the all system, It Could be around £2500, to £4500 just for labour.
The first thing that you shuld do in anycase, is to request to the gas supplier, a connection into te property, with a gas meter installation, when you got that, call any gas safe engeneer, to give you some free estimate.
you better wright down how you want your system to be, (as guideline), so you can ask advice to all the engeneers on what will be better for your property.
I hope that's help
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Answered 21st Apr 2015

Have someone install a meter for you. Once this is done then get heating engineers to quote on the job. You may find that the route of getting gas in your home may be very expensive, if thats the case then tray modern storage heaters such as simplex.
hope this helps


Answered 21st Apr 2015

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