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New boiler and thermostat installation


We are jst bought our first home and found that the boiler is on its last rusty legs and that the thermostat was no properly installed by the previous owner.

The house has a Vokera Unica HE combi boiler which i have seen is rubbish. He had also put in part of a thermostat unit but put the wires into the wrong parts and not installed the actual thermostat unit so its currently heat or no heat! So looks like we are starting from the beginning again.

We are looking for a new boiler and thermostat and wondered if anyone could recommend a good brand and a rough idea on how much we should save up for this as i know it won't be cheap.
I've read through a few posts on here and can see the Valiant and Worester are recommended or glow worm?

i just really want an idea on what we can do.
its a two bed mid terrace house with two people. We tend not to have the heating on until needed and hot water wise wont need anything other than combi boiler given there is only two of us.

Looking forward to your recommendations.

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Hi, Holly, A common problem I fear! By the sound of it a combi would be the ideal solution for you. Worcester Bosch have a very good web-site which will help you decide which boiler is for you and also any recommended installers in your area. The cost will depend how much of the original system needs to be replaced. British Gas will charge you the most, A recommended Heating engineer will be cheaper and may offer an extended warranty over the standard 5 years, worth considering. Get a few quotes first, Good luck!


Answered 21st Apr 2015

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