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Hall and landing lights stopped working

Hi, My breaker tripped the other day resulting in the downstairs lights going off. Once the breaker was reset all the lights except the hall and landing came back on. The hall is on a 2 way dimmer (operates front room as well as hall - not upstairs as you expect). The front room light works and dims as expected but I replaced the dimmer switch anyway in the hope that it would fix the hall issue. It didn't... The upstairs light is only on one switch, which appears to be receiving voltage but the light fitting also stopped working. I've changed the bulbs obviously but can't think of what is the problem. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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sounds like there is simply a loose connection up at the light fitting this would also explain the circuit breaker tripping. I would advice getting a qualified person to check it out but if you decide to tackle job yourself then cut the power off at the board and check connections are tight


Answered 21st Apr 2015

Hi, Try the following only if you can do it safely and without risk to yourself and others.

Take out the bulbs from the lights that are not working. Turn on switch and using a voltage tester ( a bit like a fat yellow fountain pen ) to see if there is voltage coming up to the light. Your tester will glow continuous red if there is voltage, otherwise it will just flash intermittently, do this with both lights. If voltage is there and switches on and off from the switch, that indicates that there is a problem with the return side, a loose connection typically. Check all your connections with a suitable screwdriver. If voltage is not there, then the fault is likely to be on the live side, burnt out switch/dimmer,loose connection in junction box, burnt or overheated pendant. Remember also that brand new dimmers can be faulty. Don't throw away your old dimmer just yet. Check that your circuit breaker is OK and all connections are tight.
Good luck.


Answered 21st Apr 2015

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