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Cracks in new laid screed

I have recently had latex screed laid over old asbestos vinyl floor tiles. I did ask the flooring guy (I found on my builder) to removed the old tiles but he absolutely assured me they would be absolutely fine with a primer and screed over the top. Anyway, only a few days in and the screed is cracking along the line of the tiles underneath. Is my floor screwed? Can I lay sheet vinyl over the cracked screed? I'm on a really tight budget and although I'm sure ripping up the screed and old tiles is what I need to do I really can't afford it. Equally though don't want to pay for sheet vinyl and fitting (still £250) to go down on something that will disintegrate. Any advice really welcome.
Not heard anything from the screeder as yet.

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Don't lay the vinyl over the top you will be in a worse situation than you are know. The tiles are probably thermo plastic tiles and may contain a small trace of asbestos, they should have been ripped up, a primer applied then the levelling compound. David


Answered 12th Apr 2015

Whoever screeded over them doesn't have a clue. Yes they should of come up and a moisture test taken as the concrete might not have a dpm. If ok you need to use a screed that can go over old Ata adhesive like Ardex na. If you lay over it then there is a good chance it will come up.


Answered 13th Apr 2015

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