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New bifold doors and re-laid floor - which should i do first?


I have a rear extension with uPVC double doors to the garden and a very uneven floor.

I'm planning to install bifolding doors, which will involve removing two small walls either side of the double doors (current set up is 6' double doors in the middle plus a large window on either side above a small wall, c 3' wide and 2' high).

I also need to rip up and re-do the floor screed as it's incredibly uneven. However, I'm not sure which to do first.

If I do the floor first, I'll then have to re-do a bit when I take out the small walls to fit the bifold doors.

If I do the doors first it seems to me there could be a risk that the new floor is not at the correct level.

Any advice on the best way to go?

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Either way can work out bad..
You could ask your supplier to give you an off cut of the cill and frame. And get your builder to use a laser level to determine where the floor level will finish.


Answered 27th Apr 2016

Put the correct lintel in first to take the span of the bigger door,put in new door, you can pack it up from the bottom if you need more space for new floor,then use either self levelling compound on top of your old screed to form a a new level floor or rip up the old stuff and re do it


Answered 8th Apr 2015

Floor first, if you do the doors first and do the floor after and have issues opening the doors or fitting it'll be far more costly to re-fit the doors effectively!

Calum @ CMT Contractor


Answered 8th Apr 2015

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