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Which first wood work or emultion paint

when painting a room what should you i do first emulsion the walls or gloss the wood work. thanks in advance

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Hi there
The best way to do this is emulsion the ceiling and Walls first(cover all the big areas first) you usely need to have 2 coats. Then finish with your gloss by cutting it into the emulsion.
Sorry should have told you to make sure all the areas are free from dust, above doors and along skirtings. Hope this helps.

Answered 4th Sep 2011

DJ Property Trades

Member since 1 Oct 2010

Start at the top
Fully paint the ceiling lapping the white down the wall 2 inches
once dry emulsion all of the walls lapping the paint over the skirting and architraves
next stage undercoat and gloss ww

Answered 4th Sep 2011

House Doctors

Member since 13 Jul 2011

emulsion first ensuring that you go slightly over onto the woodwork so when you cut the woodwork in you will have a neat line.

Answered 4th Sep 2011

Frank Baxter Decorating

Member since 17 May 2010

Very strange so many tradesmen have different answers! in over 30 years decorating i have never painted woodwork before ceilings, walls except when papering!!!! maybe when doing my apprenticship i was taught incorrectly. By doing the wood first you cant caulk any gaps properly between walls and wood, also it saves time and by doing ceiling and walls first you can get a good finish without the need of rubbing walls down over new glossed wood as the paint has not cured correctly(that means dried properly) hope this explains the correct way of painting

Answered 5th Sep 2011

Andrew Quality Decorating

Member since 6 Jan 2009

Hello KitKat,
We would recommend preparing and undercoating all woodwork first. Then preparing and Emulsioning ceilings and walls. Then finally Glossing all woodwork last.
Hope this helps and good luck.

Answered 4th Sep 2011

Bizz-Ness Property Maintenance

Member since 27 Feb 2011

Always start at the top and work down so ceiling first, then walls, then doorframe/door, then skirting last.

Answered 4th Sep 2011

Millington Decorating and Tiling

Member since 30 Sep 2010

ceilings, walls, woodwork...

Answered 4th Sep 2011

Rebel Carpenter

Member since 24 Sep 2008

hi, personally i would emulsion walls /cielings etc as you get a slight splash from the rollers used to cover the areas, after all the emulsion carried out and all cut in nicely, you can therfore apply the undercoat/gloss etc to the wood work ensuring a nice neat edge to the skirts,dado, etc

Answered 5th Sep 2011


Member since 3 Nov 2010

emulsion the walls

Answered 4th Sep 2011

TopJob Home Improvements

Member since 18 Nov 2010

Personally i always 1st coat walls undercoat the wood , then any filling on walls any caulking up on the wood , final coat the walls then do the glossing but i know fellow painters who do woodwork first then emulsion and have a damp cloth to wipe the wood when finished or mask the wood up
David King

Answered 4th Sep 2011

David King Painters

Member since 11 Feb 2009

I have looked at all the answers and david king painters and bizz-ness property has the right idea. you are taught to work from the top to the bottom but experiance shows for these two. miss coat walls and ceiling prime wood work do your prep on both rub downand clean. 90% off dust and hard work done in one go. now finish ceiling with 2 coats,finish wall with 2coats .while rubbing down woodwork you check walls at the same time for any can correct these then undercoat your skirting. next day gloss woodwork.This ensures a fast first class job, the others are also correct but this is the fast way done by people on a price. the other way is for people on day work it takes longer but you get the same result if the painter is good

Answered 7th Oct 2016

abode decor

Member since 7 Oct 2016

Never ever gloss woodwork before walls and ceilings are Mollied up, by all means undercoat as you should always de-nib any paint work especially woodwork between coats.

Answered 22nd Jan 2018

Pristine Painting Specialists

Member since 29 Sep 2014

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