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Why do i have an abc distribution box mounted to the front of my house and can i have it removed?

I have an ugly grey plastic box mounted to the front of my house (used to be a metal one which fit in with the character but was inexplicably changed one day without my knowledge of who did it or why).

After a bit of a research I've found out it's a 'ABC distribution box' (made by Henley) but I have no idea what it is really or why I have it on the front of my house when no one else seems to.

Most of all I want it removed or changed because it really is ugly.

Can anyone advise if I can get this removed and how/who to speak to?

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Sounds like the main connection box for the house that has the meter and main fuse in.
These are sited outside the house, and in your case, in an inappropriate aesthetic position.
You cannot personally remove or reposition these units (Bzzzz/ZAP!!- Constant LIVE) and the best option is to contact the provider of your electricity and it will obviously cost for repositioning the box and mains (Heavy duty wiring) ...
(This type of box has a triangular key access)

....Good luck :)


Answered 30th Mar 2015

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