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Combi boiler not heating radiators but is producing hot water

Removed a radiator to have a wall plastered. Put it back on next day. Turned boiler back and radiators not heating up but the hot water is working fine. I've bled all the radiators. The pressure figure looks fine. It is a glow.worm upgrading . Please help

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When the old radiator was replaced you probably disturbed some sludge in the pipe work and blocked the flow, this could also find its way back to the boiler.

You will need to clean and flush the system completely you may also need to check and clean the diverter valve in the boiler.



Answered 30th Mar 2015

Sounds like the heating system has de-pressurized, get you local plumber to show you how to re-pressurize it... :)
Your water pressure for hot water is unaffected and independent of the heating system... :)


Answered 30th Mar 2015

Did you by any chance turn off the central heating flow and return valves underneath the boiler itself? If so , please turn them back on.


Answered 30th Mar 2015

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