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I am in process of making decisions for kitchen refit. I had more or less decided on Polyflor expona but my fitter says it will probably end up lifting off floor as is only stuck down with adhesive. He is suggesting Twinfloor click, which he says is really easy to lay as is a floating floor.
Firstly which would you consider to be the better product in terms of value for money and longevity.
Secondly in terms of costs to fit including prep on floor, which is more expensive?
Thirdly is there a better alternative to both?
The polyflor is about £18 sq m and the twin floor is about £28. My floor is concrete which will probably need some levelling.

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The polyflor is a luxury vinyl tile that is glued to the subfloor so good prep with a smoothing compound is essential as imperfections will show through. The twinfloor click is what they call a loose lay vinyl tile which polyflor also do, Some of the loose lay floors have a special thin non slip underlay and some lay direct to the smooth sub floor with no underlay, they click together like a laminate and the subfloor does not need as much prep. Hope this helps ans choose what you want not what the fitter wants, you have to live with it, glue down for me every time. David


Answered 6th Apr 2015

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