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Whining noise from boiler

My boiler start making whining noise when running hot water and recently i noticed it also start making noise when heating is on.
We had the kitchen redecorated and the pipes were moved and replaced to plastic now. Can this be the cause of the noise? The noise start coming from the vent not the pump. Maybe boiler doesnt like new pipes:)
Please can anyone help as i dont want to be ripped off by the guy who done all that work

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Hi Doolec,
It sounds as though your boiler has a fan assisted flue, and that the problem may well be this fan. I think it is just coincidental that it is failing now, rather than something someone has done. The change from copper to plastic pipes will have no effect on the operation of your boiler, and may reduce any pipe noise on the system.


Answered 26th Mar 2015

john burrow plumbing & heating .Sounds like your domestic hot water plate to plate heat exchanger is on its way out. The boiler should not have plastic pipes directly to the boiler the pipe work should be in copper hope this helps John


Answered 26th Mar 2015

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