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Silk paint over silk paint - what preparation

We've discovered that using Matt emulsion on our shiny silk lounge walls isn't an option, it ends up with a crackle effect. Luckily we tested a small hidden area before repainting the entire room! Even after sanding and sugar soaping a small area as an additional test it still crackles
My question is whether it is possible to simply paint silk paint over silk? If so what preparation is required? Would this avoid the crackle effect occurring?
Many thanks for any advice you can give.

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It won't happen if same silk paint used. Only happens if matt goes on silk. So no prepping necessary in that case. Another option if you want more like matt walls is to use dulux diamond matt type of paint or any sort of acrylic based one.


Answered 20th Mar 2015

If you get good quality vinyl matt emulsion it should cover fine. Preferably trade quality paint. Although the paint will be a little more expensive the finish and time spent painting should make it worth while.


Answered 20th Mar 2015

Well,from my point of view it will be wise to apply an oil based undercoat on the entire surface (1x2 full coat(s)).
It's essential to use a short pile roller to avoid applying the paint too thick.(that way the paint will dry faster and you will not obtain an "orange peel" effect).
While applying the oil based undercoat keep the area(s) well ventilated!
Allow enough time for the undercoat to achieve complete drying (at least 12 hours)
Now your walls and ceilings are ready to receive the most common top coat paints. (like: matt emulsion,vinyl matt emulsion,diamond eggshell emulsion,silk emulsion,vinyl silk emulsion etc)


Answered 23rd Mar 2015

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