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Ceiling lights in a number of rooms not working


I have just got my rented house back from my tenants on the inventory report it was said a few of the light bulbs needed replacing as they were too hard for her to change (I did it easy all LED). However having changed them there are three rooms where despite changing all the bulbs there are no working lights. The living room and both bedrooms (all same side of the house). Checked the breaker and all are on. I haven't as the landlord been notified of any problems however tenant not been great for that anyway! So I have no idea how long it has been like this or what cause was / is. Any ideas? House is a 1920s ex council if that helps.


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Hi, the cause could be any number of things from faulty lights, faulty drivers if LED, fault transformers if low energy bulbs to broken cable or loose connections or faulty switches. Your best bet is to get an approved electrician to come and investigate.
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Answered 16th Mar 2015

Most likely a loose connection. As you will be getting a Landlords Electrical Safety test carried out (required every 5 years or on change of occupancy - whichever comes first), ask the electrician carrying out the test to check the connections at the lights as he goes round. Should be a simple fix.


Answered 18th Mar 2015

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