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Lightbulb not working.... problem with switch?

We have a double dimmer switch, each switch operates a seperate light bulb. One of these light bulbs stopped working (this light bulb was new in November 2014)... I went to replace this, and noticed a white residue on the connectors.... I put in a new light bulb, but this wouldnt work. Ive checked the fuse box and nothing has tripped. What could be the causes of the issue, and how do I go about resolving it?

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I would recommend double checking the light with a known good light bulb, try the working one from the other side of the room ,and try the new bulb in another light just in case the new bulb itself is faulty.
When a lamp blows it can create a short circuit and a current surge for a very brief time, this can sometimes blow a fuse or trip a breaker and occasionally may cause damage to the dimmer switch module, if this is the case its a quick and straight forward job for any electrician to test and change the dimmer module for you.


Answered 23rd Mar 2015

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