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Running from cooker main to power outbuilding

Hi there,

I am putting a medium sized shed in my garden, about 5m from house. I want to run basic fluorescent lighting and small power tools in it. My Consumer Unit is at the front of the house, however my kitchen is at the back opposite the outbuilding. I have an electric cooker and the main would be great to run off of and out to the outbuilding. (no more space in the CU) Is this possible or recommended? Thanks.

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No i would not recommend doing this. as the output for a cooker needs to be on its own circuit because of the power it needs.

My advice would be to get a qualified electrician to install a separate consumer unit. and run the cable out in SWA could use 2.5, 3 core but if your doing it i would do it with 4mm for future proofing.

Then from your incoming to the shed you will have a 2 way RCD consumer unit for lighting and sockets.

This is the right way of doing it doing it the other way will lead into overloading your circuit. if you have no overload protection on your consumer unit then this could be dangerous.

Hope that helps.


Answered 11th Mar 2015

This is totally unsuitable and is very bad electrical design/installation practice and will not comply with BS7671:2008 and therefore no Part P building regulation certificate can be issued.

All electrical works in the garden (lights/power to outbuildings etc) are part P building regulation notifiable. Therefor if you are doing the work yourself you must first apply for part P building regulation consent from your local authority (approx £300 for the application).

Once consent is granted, a Steel Wire Armoured cable should be run from the outbuilding (ideally buried 450mm deep on a bed of sand and covered with a "warning electrical cable below" marker tape before backfilling the trench. The cable should run all the way back to the main distriburtion board and be properly terminated using a brass SWA cable gland and metal adaptable box.

If your incoming supply is TNCS (PME) then an earth rod should be used at the shed end. If the Incoming supply is TNS then a 2 core SWA cable can be used and the outer steel wire armours form the CPC exported from the house.

If part P of the building regulations are ignored/not complied with, then you could end up being fined up to £5000.


Answered 11th Mar 2015

Not recommended in fact it would be deemed as unsafe running from from the cooker supply as the new cable wouldn't be correctly protected, I would run it from the nearest socket outlet joined to 2.5mm SWA Id also place a mini consumer unit in the shed RCD protected if the consumer unit has non.

Plus it really needs certifying as its outside

Hope this helps

Thanks Daz


Answered 11th Mar 2015

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