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Shower installation - triton pumped t80 placed with triton aspirante?

I have a triton pumped t80 si shower.
Can it be placed with a triton aspirante. We live in a top flat.

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Short answer NO. Pumped electric shower as the name suggests has a build in pump and "should be" tank fed meaning it get is water from a cold water tank. A standard normal electric shower, eg Triton Aspirante, is Mains fed it gets water directly from the mains. The fact that you live on the top flat suggests you have low pressure. Most likely your property cold water comes from a cold water tank, hence a pumped electric shower was fitted.....BUT also could be that you have such poor cold mains pressure that the previous installer was naughty and fitted a pumped electric shower to already low mains pressure. Not recommended but have come across these installation many times.


Answered 12th Mar 2015

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