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We have started diging without submitting an initial notice! what should we do now?

We have grant permition for two double storey extension and wanted to go for one of the Approval Inspector to help us with everything insted of speaking with local authority( hillingdon council). We made a mistake and started to dig without submiting an aplication first (works shouldn't start for 5 days ). We contacted Approval Inspector and he informed us that he might be rejected by council now. Council need to visit the site before work start.
Can you please advice me what shell we do now?
Shell I start everything again? Remove all signs of work? Put the new grass?

I appreciate any advice ...


1 Answer from a MyBuilder Extension Builder

I think I just replied to your last message....but first of all don't panic....For small scale building works you can usually submit a building notice application, which is sent a couple of days prior to starting on-site (I would usually recommend 2-3 weeks to be safe). You can then start the work, but do so at your own risk, since building control may have questions with the build, etc. You can also submit a full plans application, which isn't as common for house extension, which means you cannot start work until they are approved. You need to stop work and request for the inspector to visit. Leave the site as it is, you don't need to fill the holes back in. Then see what they need and take it from there. However I will mirror what i said in my last comment, which is if you are not sure what you are doing, then simply don't do it without first getting the right professional advice and a good builder onboard....


Answered 14th Mar 2015

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