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Combi boiler and intermittent low pressure


We have a combi boiler, and also share our water supply with the neighbours. If they are using a washing machine or having a shower, the water pressure drops in the upstairs bathroom (where the boiler is located) and we either just get a trickle of water, or the combi stops heating the water, if we are having a shower (tap shower). My question is, is it possible to install a cold water tank to supply water so we don't experience this? If it is possible, what sort of price are we looking at to buy and have it fitted? The alternative is to get a direct feed from the mains to the house, but I would imagine this would be a lot more expensive?

Many thanks

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

One solution is to have two 50 gallon cold water tanks fitted in roof void, and connected together, from this fit a a suitably sized booster pump serving your boiler cold inlet feed only. This will provide enough hot water for your needs.
As the tanks are supplied with cold water from your cold water service this then serves as a reservoir, the boiler is drawing boosted water directly from the tanks and not your shared cold water service supply.

NB: Booster pumps can be noisy, but this can be addressed to a certain point if approached in a proper manner.

This modification is best undertaken by a qualified plumber!


Answered 10th Mar 2015

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