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Pressure issue with hot water - what is the best way to fix?

We have a fortec cylinder on the 1st floor of our house. Water pressure in our kitchen is 0.3 and 1st floor bathroom 0.1
Mains water pressure is good! We have been advised 2 different things from 2 different plumbers:
1. To have the cylinder replaced with gravity fed system (water tank in loft fed to cylinder) to solve issue £700
2. An unvented cylinder (megaflow cylinder) with no tank in loft. £830
We just want the pressure to be fixed! The plumber advising the megaflow cylinder says a tank in the loft won't solve it! We are confused and need advice. Please help.

Also just to add we don't have gas in our village.

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I don't think it is ideal to fit a pump to a fortec cylinder. A direct unvented cylinder will certainly give you the pressure you require. The tank in the loft will only give a small increase in water pressure, maybe an additional .2 bar.


Answered 6th Mar 2015

Fortec cylinders are very low pressure systems which tend to be very problematic with today's taps and showers available on the market as most products will not function satisfactory.
The fortec cylinders are not really suitable for pumping to boost the water pressure as the volume of cold water is too low and will run dry and damage the pump.
The best solution for showering is to use an electric shower which is mains fed to avoid the issue with the shower head being higher than the cold water storage tank or go for the unvented option. More that happy to quote for the job

For taps that work with fortec cylinders for best function choose seperate hot and cold taps, or mixers with 0.1 bar pressure rating. With mixers you will need to have non return valves fitted to the hot water supply which will slow down the flow even more, also in lots of mixing situations the cold pressure will stop the hot from flowing all together.


Answered 12th Mar 2015

If you have a copper cylinder, just fit a 1.5 bar pump, for hot water only, sound proof it, should sort out problem, they retail out at about 150 plus fitting.
Hope this helps


Answered 4th Mar 2015

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