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Is this feasible? 3 x 4 conservatory to be replaced by brick extension.

We have an old 3 x 4 conservatory that we want removing and would like to put a brick built extension in its place. We quite like the idea of a modern 'rubber' flat roof with a small sun lantern /roof light in the middle. What type of price are we looking at for a standard build (plaster finish) with three small windows to one wall and patio doors to the end... no drainage or plumbing required as this will be a snug. I appreciate it's difficult to be accurate but are we looking at 10, 20, 30k for example.



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Because you are not increasing the size of the footprint (build size) you may find that this will come under permitted development which means you would not require planning permission, only building control. This would save in the region of £1000 on drawings and planning applications. With this in mind and no drainage and plumbing works I would estimate anywhere between £16,500 - £18,500 for removal of existing conservatory and to build new extension up to plaster finish.

Tony Hill
A H Building Services


Answered 3rd Mar 2015

assuming you left the existing footings in place and they were inadequate as we most often find, we would advise that you make your new orangery, slightly larger with new footings dug around the existing ones.
this would cost you around 20k all in. including plaster electrics etc...
get in touch if you need any more help...


Answered 3rd Mar 2015


Best to ask a builder for a price but you could base a cost on new build at moment in Glasgow where I stay £1000 / m2. so around £12000
Can you use existing founds ? If so then it should be less
You will need building warrant and maybe planning permission as well and that's what I obtain for people




Answered 3rd Mar 2015

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