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Power to electric gates in garden

i am thinking of having electric garden gates, what would be the best way to get power to these,the gates will be about 6-7 m from the house.

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I would recommend Steel wire armoured cable on a separate circuit that is run from your main consumer unit inside the property.

The SWA Cable would need to be buried or clipped direct (to your own) property in order for it to be compliant with BS 7671:2001.

Regulation 522-06-03 also states that buried cables shall be marked by cable covers of a suitable marking tape.

I would recommend that you consult a local qualified electrician to design and carry out this work for you as the installation of any additional circuits will require certification and notification of building control.


Answered 2nd Mar 2015

Good Morning,

If you wish to run power down your driveway it is best to come from your main consumer unit from a dedicated RCBO (Rating will vary based on power requirements of gates and cable size) running outside cable should always were possible be done using steel wire armor cable (SWA)

For this install you will need to either send plans to the planning office or get a registered electrician in to sign off the work.

I hope this helps,
John Bags
J.K.E. Services


Answered 2nd Mar 2015

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