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No pressure in system after a service - is this to be expected?

We had our boiler serviced by our usual contractor. Afterwards our tenants called to say the house was cold and no hot water. Quickly worked out that the programmer had been left in the 'Off' position by the engineer. He held his hand up to that as an oversight.
The tenants reset the programmer to 'On' and no saw no improvement. Finally worked out that there was no pressure in the system. Re-pressurised the system and all is well.

I have complained and been told that "The pressure is always checked at the end of a service to make sure it is correct, but it’s just one of those things sometimes."

I've never had this in 35+ years of boiler servicing and feel I'm being fobbed off. Am I right to challenge their work? I'll find my next engineer through Mybuilder as it seems it's time for a change!
Many thanks for any feedback

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Your system pressure should remain the same if there is no problems, its like a tyre if it goes down you have to put air in it, but if it keeps going down you have to fix it ! and then refill the tyre and then the air will stay in.... your heating system is water so if the pressure has gone down it means the system has lost some water, the reason can be many things, if you have lost confidence from your engineer change him but give him chance to put it right as its a normal problem for a heating engineer and remember we are there to repair not break, its your system after all and we are the engineers who will help and repair but a clear explanation should come with the repair to keep you informed. Good Luck More honest engineers than not always remember that.


Answered 23rd Feb 2015

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