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I had a rewire of my property done about a year ago. We have been in dispute with the electrician about getting certificates, but he has refused. I have been to Certsure and Elecsa and finally before Xmas managed to get someone to do an independent report of the work done. He found the following:

The contractor described some of the work as shocking and lazy. Highlights include:
• Cables left in garage still live
• cables to outside light on connector blocks and exposed
• no bonding to gas or water....basic thing that any electrician would do.
• lug on main earth needs installing
• down lighters not fire rated
• no earthing on switches
And there are a dozen more... going to cost £3k to sort out !!

Given I have paid this guy a substantial amount, what can I do to resolve this and maybe get some of the money back

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Firstly you need to verify that this person is actually a registered member of a trade body. Something which should have been done before agreeing any work with the contractor. Call elecsa on 0333 321 8220. Give his details and check his credentials. As for this remedial work that is some of the basics that MUST be completed, i suspect if he has not done these correct then he may not be a qualified or registered electrician. As for the cost i would certianly gain a couple of quotes for other electrcians. Just be sure to verify them first!!! For 3k i would expect a complete rewire again so this price seems a litte high!!!


Answered 21st Feb 2015

I assume the electrician is registered with Elecsa... this is an extract from their website.

"Platinum Promise
Platinum Promise is our commitment to making sure that installation work is safe and meets the required regulations.

Our Platinum Promise will protect you should installation work undertaken by an ELECSA registered company not meet the required building regulations or installation standards.

As part of our Platinum Promise we will support you through our complaints resolution process, helping to make sure installation work is right. Platinum Promise can take necessary steps to put work right in the event that a registered installer is no longer able to. This is subject to exclusions which can be viewed here.

Platinum Promise can only help with complaints if:
The installer is currently registered with ELECSA for the type of work undertaken - you can search our registered contractors here
The work has been fully completed within the last six years

If you wish to make a complaint against an ELECSA registered contractor, go to our consumer complaints page."

That would be my first step, failing that make a small claims court claim, it isn't expensive and you could claim all rectification costs.


Answered 20th Feb 2015

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