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Rewiring of house

Our house is 7 years old. We are recently experiencing trips in 2 zones in the house. The electrician is saying that this cannot be repaired from the circuit breaker and a much more extensive rewiring is probably needed. Doesn't seem right given it is a new house.

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Best get a second opinion as if its a low insulation resistance fault on the cable somewhere (i.e. damaged/degraded cable) then partial rewiring maybe needed, but this should only be considered after thorough testing of the circuit. Normally the circuit wiring can be separated out into sections and the point of the fault narrowed down. Often the fault can be repaired once located. How much time has been spent testing the affected circuit cables so far (would expect that 3 - 4 hours would be needed to test thoroughly).


Answered 18th Feb 2015

Go for a second opinion, its is lazy to think that because of 2 fault to assume the house needs extensive re-wiring. more often than not the faults can be narrowed down between 2 points and a section of cable replaced if needed. it could even be a fault in one of the points. Or an appliance.


Answered 20th Feb 2015

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