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Extending our house the side where our neighbour has already done it.


We recently bought a semi detached with a driveway to the side, our neighbours have already built an extension to the side which takes away their driveway and right up to the boundary line. My question is how far out can we now come with our own extension? We obviously cant build to the boundary line as it wont leave any space to get into roughcast etc. Thanks

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You could leave a Meter
gap for access or build it out of brickwork ,pointed and block tie Tue front and rear corners into it . So you'd have render front and back going into brickwork at the side. Hope this was of some help.


Answered 17th Feb 2015

Hi Robert

I often apply to Glasgow City Council planning and building control departments regarding applications for extensions etc
The real answer is you can technically build up to the boundary so long as access from front to rear gardens is maintained even through the extension e.g. garage to allow for wheely bins etc.
Otherwise a gap of between 900mm and 1000mm is required.
In your case it is obvious a gap is required to permit you construct the extension.
builders have slim scaffolding now which would permit you erect the extension you require.
Any questions just ask



Answered 20th Feb 2015

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