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Replacement of bathroom extractor fan

My existing bathroom extractor fan has broken. It was a timed fan which came on with the bathroom lights. When the lights are turned off, its runs for approximately 5 minutes. There is a manual fan cut-off outside the bathroom.

I have purchased a replacement Manrose QF100T "Quiet" Extractor Fan with Timer.

When I took the fan down, I found three wires - Blue, Brown and Yellow/Green. Only two were connected - Blue and Brown.

The new fan has three connectors - Neutral, Switched Live and Permanent Live. Which wire should go where? In addition, what are my existing coloured wires?


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From your explanation of the method of wiring, it would appear that the switch wire is missing (Trigger) I cant see how your old fan had a run on timer as the wires you say were connected were live and neutral, the earth wire was probably never connected as the fan was double insulated and does not require an earth connection.
At the fan you will need a permanent live supply, a neutral connection and a switch wire from the bathroom pull switch to give you the run of facility.


Answered 18th Feb 2015

Sorry to say this but you sound like you are not qualified to be dealing with this issue. I am stating the obvious but electricity is dangerous and can kill.

That said the 3 cables are 1) a live 2)a switched live and 3) a neutral

As per regulations certain criterias need to be met to make sure this installation is safe and to the current BS7671 Regs.

Please always employ a qualified electrician to carry out this type of work.

I hope this help.


Answered 18th Feb 2015

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