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13amp cooker hardwired to a 16amp circuit


I have just took delivery of a 13amp built in oven. on removing the old oven I have found it was connected to a hardwired circuit probably 16 amp (havent checked yet).

My question is can I connect my 13amp oven to this dedicated circuit as after reading other posts I am reluctant to connect it to my standard 13amp plug sockets. once the dishwasher, kettle, mixer is all running it could cause problems.

your help would be appreciate. FYI I have replaced flexes and plugs for 20 years without issue so Im confident about doing it myself. As for regs I understand its not an issue as its 13amp (please correct me if im wrong)

2 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

if you wire it via a 13 amp switched fused spur unit that should sort things out for you.
it would also give you local isolation near the oven.


Answered 16th Feb 2015


A fuse/MCB protects the cable not the appliance. A dedicated circuit, as you have called it, may have a 10, 16, 30, 32, or even 40A rated device depending on the cable size and the cable route. The 13A fuse in your new oven plug protects the cable of the appliance. A registered electrician has a number of options open to him to do your connection safely and to regulation, but ONLY after testing the original circuit. Connecting cables is the LAST thing to be done, followed by certification showing test results. Don't be fooled into thinking that "it worked before, it works now, it must therefore be safe", too many fires have been caused by DIY connections.

It is a legal requirement to use a registered contractor in a kitchen, use this web site to get a quote from a registered contractor


Answered 22nd Feb 2015

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