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Getting the gas laid on! new central heating system! blank canvas!

I'm going to do as much DIY as possible to keep the cost down, get radiators the basic plumbing etc. We live in a small Bungalow, 5 small rooms and a long corridor, most of the plumbing will be up the loft area, as I want to drop copper pipes down each radiator/radiators in each room and to the combination boiler and get it connected by someone gas safe to get it certified. I work out the KW/BTU for each room roughly and in total is 13.5kw with 7kw over for heating up cold and definitely thinking of going for a combination boiler which I can place centre in the house, seen the various names of boilers Worchester, Valiant etc. So going on this very rough estimate, why do a lot of these instantaneous central heating boilers start more commonly at 24KW? Is this too much? Should I be looking at a 15kw? Am I missing something here? As a conventional boiler with tank would be traditionally less KW! (Even these on-line boiler company calculators seem to be on overkill and given me a 30kw model) Any help/advice do's and don'ts will be appreciated! It's early thinking stages!

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Re the gas pipe ensure you get a gas engineer to install the pipe for the correct boiler size as a mistake may result in the boiler not being commissioned and hence no warranty due to pressures being wrong, its not a guessing game. STAY SAFE STAY GAS SAFE. www, for an engineer


Answered 23rd Feb 2015

Combi boilers need a higher kw output as it has to keep up with the plate heat exchanger to run the domestic hot water.


Answered 13th Feb 2015

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