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Can gas safety record be issued without turning on the gas boiler?


I was wondering how the Gas Safety check is done.
Does it needs the gas boiler to be turned on? or can it be done without it?
Seller is refusing to turn it on and only providing the Gas safety record as a proof that it is working! Is that correct?

Looking forward for some urgent guidance.

2 Answers from MyBuilder Heating Engineers

We would not undertake a gas safety check without the gas on - how do you know the gas carcass system does not have a leak ?
Get a gassafe registered engineer to undertake a new gas safety check, safety is not expensive.


Answered 12th Feb 2015

You must have the gas connected for the test, if you have a boiler in the premises even in the box not connected it becomes part of the test as its in the property so cant be certified, same applies to any gas appliance not connected. Get a gas safe registered engineer to call.

Call gas safe and they will tell you the same


Answered 23rd Feb 2015

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