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What timber should i use to create an even flooring on cement staircase?

Hey Everyone,
I have a staircase that is made from small cement slabs held up by wall brackets as the tread and some kind of fibro as the rise. The staircase used to have carpet on it but I ripped it all up and want to lay down timber vinyl plants. To get an even flooring I want to attach a cheap timber or ply to the stairs so I can then lay the planks down on top, as the cement steps are all uneven. I did try using almost like a thin masonite but have found that it is too flimsy and when you walk on the stairs you can feel air pockets underneath. What would everyone recommend? There is 13 steps and 14 rises to cover.. Thanks heaps!

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Flooring Fitter

Hi, I think you would be better off skimming the steps with a repair or feather edge screed, artex would be ideal. Any thin sheet timber would likely cause problems


Answered 23rd Feb 2015

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