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What type of battery is in scantronic 9448 burglar alarm please

I think , looking at other posts, that I need to change the battery in the control box. I understand that as soon as I open the box the alarm will sound so would like to have the correct battery ready to install.
many thanks.

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The Scantronic 9448 is a 2.1Ah battery max in a plastic box, always fit the largest battery that will fit the alarm panel. The metal panel will take a 7Ah battery.

Often find it blows the AC fuse on the pcb on the plastic panel aswell, but if it powers up on mains that fuse is okay.


Answered 28th Jun 2015

Most probably a 6v or 12v sealed lead acid battery.


Answered 12th Feb 2015

Its a 12v sealed PP3 lead acid battery. They can be purchased from any wholesaler, screwfix etc. I would recommend at least a 2.1 AH battery, especially if you have more than one bellbox


Answered 11th May 2015

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