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Is an isolator switch necessary for an electric hob.

Having a rewire of whole house with new appliances in the kitchen. The electrician has fitted an isolator switch for the electric oven but not for the electric hob - is this safe and is it legal? The walls are tiled now and it'll be a hassle to redo. A contractor has been managing the refurb while I've been living off site and I've not met the electrician. He hasn't issued any certificates yet as a couple of minor things to finish off.
Grateful for any advice. Thanks.

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you should have a isolator for both parts but usually they wire both parts from the 45a cooker switch ,unless you have a large oven then you should probably had 2 supplies run in, best thing to do is talk to the electrician wiring the kitchen and ask for a certificate.


Answered 10th Feb 2015

You should have a switch to isolate the hob are you sure the hob is not wired in with the oven. If not how is it wired ask your electrician to confirm.


Answered 10th Feb 2015

yes, the hob needs an isolator for maintenance and emergency. If the total wattage of both the oven and hob can be calculated to be within the parameters of the oven cable (usually 6mm - if so and given reference method A - 32 amps - 7.36 kW) then they can both be connected to the cooker outlet point


Answered 10th Feb 2015

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