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Extractor fan fitted in the bathroom

Can i put an extractor fan of 240 v in zone 1 , if i had an RCD and the switch is outside the bathroom.

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Yes a 240volt extract fan can be fitted in zone1 and 2 and outside zones, with the circuit protected by a 30milli amp RCD, with an isolation 3 pole switch sited outside the bathroom or outside zones 0,1,2. The isolation switch should be 3 pole if the fan has overrun facility, switch wire , line & neutral supply to fan. The fan should be IP X4 protecting against ingress of water.A check should be carried out by a qualified electrician on the circuit earthing loop impedance & RCD testing, and also the Main Protective bonding to service water pipe work & supplementary bonding making sure it is up to standard for the type of electrical supply to the property.
All other services should be checked gas, & oil etc at same time


Answered 1st Feb 2015

Hi , yes you can have a 230 volt in a zone 1 of a bathroom, It my be fitted by a part p electrician,because your would required a minor cert after being tested . hope this helps HILLS-ELECTRICAL


Answered 22nd Apr 2016

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