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How far to electrical sockets need to be from a dual fuel cooker hob?

I was due to have a freestanding duel fuel cooker installed to replace my gas one. But when they delivered it they said although I had the relevant fittings it couldn't be installed as there were some sockets too close to the cooker. On one side is a standard double socket which is about 3 cm to the right of the cooker but 20 cm high. On the left is the switch that would be used for the cooker which is around 8cm to the side but around 40cm high.

Today I had someone over to quote for moving the fittings and he said as far as he is aware they are guidelines only so long as nothing is directly behind the cooker it is ok. So now I am confused! I can understand if you were putting a new kitchen in or a new build wanting to have the sockets in position following guidelines, but I am just replacing an existing cooker. So if they are only guidelines I would rather not move the sockets.

So far 3 people have seen it and told me three different things, all different to the answers below. And an online search found me various different answers, again different to what I have been told so far. So stars in the sky it is...

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Hi as far as I am aware a socket should be 300mm from a cooker and 1m from a sink or water source (sometimes a problem behind washing machines/dishwashers) These are for your safety and should therefore be adhered to. If they are too close steam may condense on the switch, which could electrocute you if you were to touch it.
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Answered 29th Jan 2015

You may get as many different answers to this one as there are stars in the sky. The 300mm thing is derived from building regulations and is guidance, but good guidance nevertheless. An installer should risk assess the existing situation and offer good advice. To condemn the positioning needs to be supported by pointing at something that applies in the wiring regulations (BS7671). Hence the stars in the sky analogy...


Answered 2nd Feb 2015

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