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Blown ridge tiles - alternative to replacing?

My roof ridge tiles have deteriorated, they're delaminated, but no sign of leaks yet (and they've been in this state quite a while according to the previous owner). I've had one quote so far which raised a few issues - so would be good to have a bit of advice please so that I know what to ask the next guy! It's a 4 bed 20's semi in Croydon.

The roofer recommended removing and replacing all the ridge tiles, but warned that lots of the clay roof tiles would get broken in the process which was a shame as they are in very good condition.

He mentioned an alternative which would give us 'a few more years', but didn't recommend it. The suggestion was to re-coat and seal the ridge tiles instead of replacing. Sorry I don't have details of exactly what he was suggesting. I'm attracted by this not just because it would be cheaper but also to avoid half-destroying the rest of the roof if there's another way. But I don't want to throw good money after bad if it would really be a very short term bodge. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

On a slightly different topic, he also checked the flat roof above our bay window and our porch which are both letting in some water. The bay is covered with bitumen which is cracked so he recommended replacing it with felt. He also recommended replacing the zinc porch roof with felt. First - is it not worth us just applying a sealant over the porch roof, as it seems a shame to remove zinc in favour of felt! Second - would EPDM be better for the bay? And finally £1200 is a little steep for felting both these small flat roofs isn't it (we're in South London but even so...). Total cost for the flat roofs plus replacing ridge tiles was £3500 inc VAT.

Last two questions, sorry to go on. Would scaffolding usually be needed to do the ridge tiles, and would this be all round the house? Also, the roofer said that new concrete tiles would weigh no more than the existing clay tiles; I've probably been watching too much Sarah Beeny but I'd like to check whether that's correct please.

thanks for the advice

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Hi Sadowska,
In my opinion regarding your ridge tiles and i presume hip tiles also,ifs they are not leaking then dont re-new but if its from a purely comsmetic prospective then its down to you. Just scrapping back and re-pointing your ridge tiles will look much better than they are at the mo but in my experience they will only need re-doing a few years later at more cost to you.I must admit regarding your flat roofs the price seems a little steep..however without knowing there sizes of both roofs its hard to say.Zinc roofs eventually split and applying some sealant would be ok in short term but if both your flat roofs are leaking then i would say it would be best to re-new for peice of ming because the will only get worse!Regarding scaffold around house for ridge would be safer for the roofer and labour cost would be reduced because job would be finished quicker....concrete roof tiles would'nt add anymore weight to your roof.


Answered 25th Aug 2011

I wouldnt mess about trying to repair the ridge tiles, how long will it last, take them all of and rebed some new ones on.
You shouldnt damage to many tiles, if any.
As for access, whoever you get to do the job will say if they need scaffold or work of a roof ladder, scaffold will add quite a bit to the job.
As for the flat roofs, rip them of and fit epdm rubber.


Answered 25th Aug 2011

The ridge tiles will need removing and soaking in water for 4 hours plus this is why on Victorian properties ridges and hips remain on and newer roofing ones dislodge in storms or earlier than older ones. They definitely will need re-bedding properly and coating them will be an eye soar cheapen the look of your house and be a 5 min fix its not going to make loose mortar and concrete safer and sound.
Scaffold will be needed all around the property.
EPDM is ok High performance felts been around longer on domestic properties.
Price sounds average especially with scaffold.


Answered 28th Aug 2011

Hi, Ive just replaced 15m of clay ridge tiles and onlj broke 1 clay tile when i stood on it


Answered 17th Feb 2012

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