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Air sucked in through vent pipe on central heating

I have an open vented system in which I recently changed the pump, even on the pump lowest setting air is being sucked in through the vent pipe. The setup looks like this: (please ignore the dots )

II . . . .vent into loft
II. . . . II
II . . . .II
II . . . .II
II . . . ..==========
II . . . .II. . . . . . .II
II. . . . II . . . . . .II
II . . . .II . . . . . PP (pump into 3 way)
cold . . II
feed . .II

There is about 1 metre between the cold feed tee and the pump tee (the pump is above cold tee), there was a block in the cold feed pipe which was replaced and drains freely ? Is this piping incorrect causing air to be sucked in ? Can this be fixed by moving the cold feed tee above the pump ?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Should be in this order
Vent, Feed, Pump and within 150mm of each other.
Common fault would be blocked cold feed usually where it tees into the flow/return. Can check with magnets have a google.


Answered 28th Jan 2015

Quality drawing!!


Answered 29th Jan 2015

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