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Kair heat recovery single unit noisy in wind

Hi I have recently bought a kair heat recovery single unit for a bedroom. It has made a huge difference in my flat and is as it says silent on trickle mode. My problem is when it is windy or the the wind is going in the direction of the unit it can be noisy. I was advised I could get some sort of windshield that would still allow air flow. Has anyone else solved this problem? Thanks in advance.

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its the volume of ducting and wind blowing threw it have you got gravity grills on the outside ??


Answered 30th Jun 2015

Unfortunately with this unit it is constantly running and helping with air movement within the property so it will not have a gravity grille fitted. When the wind blows from outside directly onto the opening at a certain angle you are getting noise. I would advise a cowl to direct incoming air and outgoing air to be angled down to hopefully prevent noise.


Answered 14th Feb 2019

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