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How much should it cost to get some out to fit a new boiler?

How much should it cost to get some out to fit a new boiler?
My boiler stopped working 3 weeks ago after I found it leaking (dont know how long it had been leaking for), got someone out to look at it and was told it needed a new floor switch, part was ordered, fittered and then was told it was no longer working and the boiler has to be replaced.
We have only owned this house for 9 months and the previous owner said it was only a few years old, we phoned glowworm to see if they would fix it and they go on to say it was registered with them 12 years and its not worth trying to fix because of its age.
last night I did a search online and found a boiler at B&Q for £679 for a 32kw boiler - now I just need to know how much it would cost to fit as I need heat and hot water asap as I have a 3 & 6 year old who already have colds. Xxx

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Between £400-£500 but you may also need a larger gas supply from meter especially if you go for 32kw boiler


Answered 25th Jan 2015

300-400 its cost around,plus materials,if u need any,and depends on your gas supply pipe


Answered 8th Feb 2015

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