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Need a quote of alteration works charged by builder


We have an (1.7 m X 2.4 m) extension project including refiting kitchen and bathroom with one builder.

We didn't put adding cloakroom, adding skylight in the quote. The project is half way through but we have made full payment already since the payment was made weekly and other issue caused some delays.

Now the builder come with a alteration work charge of £4500 for the cloakroom(was verbally agreed but now is denied), raised ceiling(was verbally agreed flat ceiling inside, pitched outside, but this was not written down), adding skylight and walling tiling for the kitchen(I thought this should be included but their quote of kitchen work didn't state wall tiling).

The cloakroom is 1.2x0.8 square meters. The skylight is 1x1 square meters. the roof is about 2.1 x 2.5 square meters. Wall tiling is about 3 square meters. This is s 2 bedroom terraced house.

The builder has stops work until we made payment. The cloakroom only has been plastered. Skylight is installed. Wall tiling for kitchen hasn't started.

We haven't been told the cost of any of these works when they started and we the price they are asking is too much.

Could anyone give some help here please?
We need a rough quote of how these alteration works should cost? Then we could argue with them.

Thanks very much.

Some followups. We've cancelled our contract with builder since we've lost trust and confidence on them. We are not willing to pay them more before the work is done.
We need to accept the fact that we will pay more than what they are asking for to finish the job they left over. But this time, we will find some one with good reputation and feedbacks.

Funny thing is, the builder has left a big concrete mixer machine and other tools in the middle of our dinning room. They say we need to protect their machine and give them full access to it whenever they want.otherwise, we will be charged.
We've asked solicitor and they say this is not allowed and has given us some advices.

The solicitor also said it is going to cost more to try to get compensate from them. is this true? We just think this is too easy for them to take so much money from us.

Thanks for all your replying.

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Hi there

I would like to be able to give you a rough price but this would be a total stab in the dark and massively inaccurate as prices change depending on geographical location. It is such a shame that you have landed in this situation, no decent respectable builder would carry out such works without giving an estimate/quote.
For future reference before entering any agreement you should have estimates/quotes written and agreed(signed) before any work is undertaken. Ideally try and get the builder to give a quote as this is affixed price. An estimate can be up or down of the agreed price.
Sorry I cant help you anymore.



Answered 31st Jan 2015

A pitched internal roof is cheaper for one....
the cost for a velux is minimal check yourself for pricing.
To install one in a roof already tiled is not a big job by any means.
Stud work i assume to form clockroom.
Even if i said half that price it would be steep.
To compare....
Bricklayers on site can earn a decent wage for a bit more than this price to build a 3 bedhouse......


Answered 31st Jan 2015

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