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Recently had earthing installed in my flat (absent before) and now black box in the cupboard is sparking!

The lights throughout the flat flickered for about 10 seconds a number of times, so i looked in the cupboard when this was happening and there were sparks coming out of the black box in there. Obviously i will need someone to come and look it - the electrician who did the job is on holiday - but in the meantime does anyone have any ideas please??
Many thanks
Update - midnight - have called out edf.
Many thanks Kelvin. EDF came out and turned off all the power supply, saying the cable must inadvertently have been nudged. My original electrician was in touch and advised it was the henley box. Had some guys over this morning who changed it; it had been arcing. Thanks again

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The circuit concerned should be turned off at the fuse board immediately it should be a 5amp fuse (white) or a5/6amp switch, Miniture Circuit Breaker (MCB) do not turn back on, then call in an electrician
all fixed wiring should be properly tested and a full report issued at least every 10 years less in some cases.
We MOT our cars every year but we do not normally sleep in them every night if unsure contact an NICEIC electrician


Answered 23rd Aug 2011

From what you describe, its very likey that you have an earth fault and there is current flowing in the earth conductor. This is not good! and therefore needs checking out. I would suggest a full Electrical Installation Condition Report is carried out in order to determine what latent faults maybe present on the wiring.


Answered 25th Apr 2012

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