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Consumer unit in the bathroom

I have recently moved into a 1940's bungalow. The previous owner has removed a partition wall to make the bathroom bigger so now the consumer unit which was once in the adjoining pantry is now in the bathroom. It is a modern unit with RCD protection to the sockets etc, but the lighting circuit, hob & oven are on the unprotected half. It is mounted at ceiling level, high up on what's left of the partition wall, above the toilet. We want to install a shower cubicle 4ft away from the consumer unit. Is this acceptable ? If not what options are available to us? e.g.Can we instal a waterproof enclosure around the consumer unit ? Can the consumer unit be moved into the next room along, about 4ft away in a utility room that contains the boiler, washing machine and guest toilet/hand basin ? The supply is on an outside wall at ground level below the current position of the consumer unit. Can the cable be extended from the supply to the new location ?

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Totally non compliant with BS7671:2008, so the consumer unit must be moved to an area outside the bathroom. This will no doubt require a degree of rewiring and be quite costly as a new XLPE Steel Wire Armoured sub-main will need to be installed from the meter position to the new fuseboard position.


Answered 22nd Jan 2015

the consumer unit WILL need repositioning outside the bathroom. hard to advise without seeing the installation but you need to find the route of the main tails (cables) from the meter box to the unit. eg they may go up the cavity then into back of unit. may be possible to extend or replace them to the new c/unit position, up to a max. length of 3 metres otherwise a sub main cable will be needed with a 100A switchfuse feeding it,


Answered 9th Feb 2015

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