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Conservatory / extension across line of a drain


I am in the process of purchasing a bungalow in Cardiff which has an old single skin utility room at the back. The property also has a detached garage, with a gap of about 4 foot between the garage and the utility room.

Ideally I would like to knock down the utility room and build either an extension or a conservatory there, to maximise the living space available, but I think that extension would be over the line of an existing drain. I'd like to know whether this is likely to be

a) Expensive?
b) Impossible?
c) Shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If anybody could give me pointers to things that i should be reading / questions I should be asking then that would be good too. The survey has been conducted, but he didn't have anything particularly useful to say about this.



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Hi James,
it shouldn't be too much of a problem just renew the drainage pipe with the plastic pipe and make sure you lintel over when you get to the footings,hope this as been of some help to you.
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Answered 21st Jan 2015

Hi James,
It entirely depends upon what type of drain pipe it is, contact the local Water Board and they will tell you, If it is a Public sewer, they may not let you build a permanent structure within 3m of it, or require you to relocate it (Costly) If it is your own private connection there should be no problem, Building control will let you know their requirements where it passes through the foundation.
Contact the Water Board BEFORE you waste money on architects/planning


Answered 22nd Jan 2015

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