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Cut out fuse in property

Does my landlord have rights to remove the cut out fuse to turn electric off

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If its the DNO (Distribution Network Operators) main fuse then NO, and if he has cut the seal to their cut-out, then he has wilfully interfered with their equipment which is an illegal act, and he should be reported.

If however the property is supplied by a "Privately" owned lateral and the Landlord is the freeholder then he will have duties under the Electricity at Work regulations, and as the PNO (Private Network Operator) he/she can remove a sub-mains fuse to disconnect the supply. It is however only normal to remove a cut-out fuse for emergency isolation or maintenance purposes.

If the fuse has been removed wilfully in order to cause you deliberate hardship then you most likely have recourse to claim negligence and bring a civil small claims action for damage/loss as a result of the fuse being removed.


Answered 22nd Jan 2015

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