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Eicr – what should we expect?

I want to have the electrics tested in a Victorian terrace to ascertain whether any remedial work is needed ahead of a full refurbishment (incl. kitchen extension in Spring). We plan to live in the property so the EICR is for peace of mind more than anything.

I've had quotes range from £50 to £200 and electricians suggest an EICR is anywhere between a 1hr and 5hr job. Some have suggested they do a visual inspection which doesn't sound quite right for what we need??

What should a proper EICR involve, what sort of certificates/reports should i be asking for and expecting at the end of the job and and how long should a report take?


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£50 is very cheap and unlikely to be a thorough job! - A visual inspection takes less than half an hour to do and is virtually worthless, so should be avoided.

A full EICR takes around 2 - 3 hours and should include testing of all accessible lights and sockets, and if fitted, oven, hob, shower, electric supply to shed/garage etc

On completion you should expect to get an 8 to 10 page written report with a full summary of all items inspected, test results and details on all defects found.

£120 - £150 is the average price so £200 seems expensive, but it really depends on where you live.


Answered 22nd Jan 2015

you need a periodic inspection ,around 3 hours,


Answered 20th Jan 2015

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