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Disruption to ground floor when building first floor extension on top


We have a recently built (2010) ground floor rear extension housing lounge, utility and cloakroom, that we are now considering building over to form a first floor on top. We have a pitched roof that will obviously be ripped off (and joists and tiles reused I hope), and I realise we will have to relocate our lounge while the first floor build is taking place, which is no problem. However I am curious as to what extent the work we did in 2010 will be ripped apart - will the new build mean the electrics etc have to be started from scratch again downstairs and is it in any way possible to restrict the damage to my ground floor extension and to limit the amount of weather damage to it while the build is taking place? I don't mind removing carpets, furniture etc and making good decoration, but I was hoping not to have to redo all the electrics/joinery work etc (I have some wood floors) that have only recently been completed.

I hope that made sense and someone can advise, if they have been through a first floor extension build on top of in-use ground floor rooms

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I have just completed a difficult first floor extension over an original dinning room. As for reusing existing timber floor and rafters you should be fine to use depending on new roof design but mainly weather the building regulations have changed and larger timbers may be needed. Electrics should just need minor adjustments as cables will probably be fed through the ceiling/roof timbers and need pulling back and re wiring after the new timbers go on. Not a big job. If done sympathetically the ground floor will just need a new plastered ceiling and maybe the very top of the walls patching up depends on new floor finish position and a tarpaulin to cover over everyday to reduce water damage
Hope this sheds a bit of light on your upcoming project for you
Andy Parkin
Moorside Construction Ltd


Answered 28th Jan 2015

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