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Terminate unwanted electrical plug and wire

Hi everybody,
I`d like to terminate one of the unwanted electrical plug and wire. After that I want to fill the hole up, skim the wall, finally put wallpaper over it. Question: I can`t trace the electrical cable back to the meter unit therefore I need to leave it in the wall. What do I need to do with the wire to make sure it will remain safe in the wall?

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Your best off hiring an Electrican who will check the cabling with his Meters and determine the root the cable takes, then he will isolate the cables safely for you in the wall or at the consumer unit.

If you are still going to do the job yourself beware (apart from the obvious Electricity can kill) new plaster attacks copper cables after a while so make sure you full wrap the cables up and ideally cover them with a small metal plate before the wall is plastered so in the future you cant drill in the cables accidentally and get a shock!
Think Safe, Be Safe!


Answered 12th Feb 2015

These cables will probably be part of the ring main wiring, unless the legs are able to be completely removed burying them in the Wall is not an option. Blanking the existing socket will be required as if in the future a fault occurred with the ring main you need to be able to access all points to determine the fault. Please do not hide these cables in the wall with a connector block joint as like I said this could cause you more problems. Regulations state all joints need to be accessible.
I hope this is of some help.


Answered 29th Sep 2016

get qualified electrician he can used the appropriate tools to chase circuit back to the fuse board and make cable safe then make a note of the circuit for when the property next due electrical safety inspection.


Answered 3rd Oct 2019

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