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Moderating the temp of underfloor heating using a coal fire backburner.

So that I can avoid the installation of panel radiators I would like to have installed, underfloor heating - BUT - how is the temperature controlled so that the floors do not simply over heat?
What is a Rule Of Thumb cost per sq ft or sq metre for underfloor heating?
Thank you

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

Underfloor heating circuits terminates in manifold which has adjustable thermostatic mixer preventing floor overheating.
Manifold £300+
15 or 16mm plastic pipe (depends of manifold manufacturer) every 200-300mm makes 3-4m of pipe for every 1m² of room.
Don't forget about decent (min 100mm) floor insulation on ground floor, otherwise you will be wasting loads of money.
There's plenty of instructions for ufh on the internet.


Answered 26th Jan 2015

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