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Taking fuse box cover off to fit an energy monitor


I have bought an Energy Monitor and on reading the instructions the sensor must go around one of the cables either around the meter or the fuse box. Unfortunately I cannot access any cables around the meter (built into the wall within my apartment block) and I can't see any cables going in/out of the fuse box.

I am hoping by taking the fuse box cover off I can access the cable I need, I am not savy in this area at all and wondered if it is safe to remove the 2 screws to see into the fuse box and hope I can access the cable and apply the sensor.

It's an effergy energy monitor


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I would advise not removing your fuse board cover and you will also find that the energy meter will not fit inside the fuse board. You could also end up either getting a shock or disturbing the wiring controlling the property.


Answered 15th Jun 2016

Afternoon Npanda,

If your sure that there is no cables that you can access at the meter i.e. the meter tails which you should be able to access really or at you fuse board, then you could install it in the fuse board but if you are not competent or confident enough to do this then please seek help from an electrician. The way to do it is to turn off your fuse board by switching the main switch off then remove the two screws and then clip your energy monitor around the LINE conductor so this will be going into the top of the main switch that you switched off it will be coloured brown or red, or grey outer sheath with brown underneath be careful when clipping the energy monitor around this conductor as it will still be live and do not touch any bare or accessible copper on this conductor. Once its clipped on then carefully replace the fuse board cover and screw it up then switch back on your fuse board.


Answered 12th Jan 2015

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